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Jason Garey

Jason Garey is more than just another pretty face on the radio trying to change the world one ambitious stitching hobbyist at a time with his “best in class” knowledge of needle nose stitching. He very well may also be the best damn business growth expert with a wife named Michelle, son named Kaleb, daughter named Kiley and dogs named Elvis, Savannah and Faith in the world.

It has been rumored that while his friends were reading comic books trying to be the next Superman, Jason was taking business classes 8 days a week 36 hours a day for the first 15 years of his life; Not from just anyone though, but from the one and only Yohan Van Profithoffer, the richest man in the universe who had been in hiding from the government since 1937. Jason took the great secrets bestowed upon him by Mr. Van Profithoffer and started his first business when he was 10 years old. It was a skateboard shop that he operated out of his garage generating about $150/month which allowed Jason to buy his first boombox radio which he used to hone his break-dancing skills. In 1991 Jason enlisted in the United States Air Force, received two Certificates of Appreciation and a Meritorious Service Medal and is very proud to have served his country.

He went to own several businesses from an engineering recruiting firm, a real estate investment company, a couple of franchises and some marketing companies to name a few. He’s delivered motivational speeches for the likes of Honda and Home Depot before the ripe old age of 30 and produced and hosted a nationally broadcast syndicated radio show a few years back called Catalyst Business Radio that aired in 32 markets. He became a business consultant for Tony Robbins company Business Breakthroughs where he worked with small main street companies as well as multi-billion dollar multi-national organizations.

Today Jason works as a consultant for a few clients a year and has been asked to host The Big Pitch Radio Show. Whether it’s attending the world needle nose stitching competition, building or consulting businesses, playing tennis or spending time with his family, Jason continues his dogged pursuit to help every business he can prosper and thrive.

Jason hopes to touch the lives of other people every day and feels this radio show will do just that. He will not rest until he is considered the greatest needle nose stitcher and business mind of all time.

“Entrepreneurs are the heartbeat of this economy and deserve credit for taking risks that few others take. They deserve the best information and resources out there to help them succeed and through this show I believe they will get something that will help them do just that” Jason Garey

Jason Garey –

Sue Malone, President of Strategies for Small Business

Sue is the number one provider, SBA Patriot Express Program and SBA Export Express and SBA SLA v.2 and director of marketing for Superior Financial Group.  Sue’s involvement began with the program’s inception in 2002. Since then, Sue has helped fund over 41,000 SBA loans, which include Patriot Express loans, Export Express, Community Express and now Small Lender Advantage v.2 and became the largest SBA lender by volume.  Her goal is to fund 100,000 small businesses.

She travels the nation meeting, promoting and funding small business owners especially veteran owned businesses.  She is fueled by her passion to help small business owners pursue their dreams. Sue has received numerous awards for her contribution to the success of small businesses around the nation.

Sue sits on several national boards focused on veterans and entrepreneurship.  Including, the President of the nonprofit, American Economic Empowerment.  And co-founder of Women’s Military Exchange: Operation Next Step.  In addition, Sue is one of the founders of and, both focusing on giving veterans an opportunity for entrepreneurship and job seeking.

Sue is the President and CEO of the on line company which helps contractors across the nation with easy and cost efficient lien forms.

Sue’s Background
For over ten years, Sue served as the CFO and Vice President of a commercial and industrial real estate firm in Northern California.  In addition, Sue was the first woman-parking operator in the United States.  Sue is a serial entrepreneur and has started over seven businesses.   She holds an MBA from St. Mary’s College.  . In addition, she makes sure small businesses voices are not forgotten in Washington DC, after all, America is great because of small businesses!